how i can help

I will help you achieve the best possible results in court through technical knowledge of the law, superior negotiating skills and personal knowledge of the court system. 

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thorough analysis and tireless negotiating

Other attorneys are often too busy to thoroughly negotiate on your behalf, and will push a settlement upon you.  Your life and reputation are too important to settle for that type of representation.  I pride myself on thoroughly analyzing my clients’ cases and tirelessly negotiating on their behalf. I will fight to keep you out of jail or find alternatives to jail.  Indeed, I am frequently successful at getting my clients community service, cal trans, and home confinement in lieu of county jail or state prison. 

I am passionate

I am passionate about what I do and will spend as much time as it takes to thoroughly understand your case and explore all defenses available.  I will walk you through the details of your case and make an action plan.  Let me help you get your life back. 

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