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Please take a moment to read the real-life case studies and clients testimonials below to get a feel for the personal attention and determination that I’ll provide you for your case.

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Client "CS" charged with Felony Tagging with Prior.


Results: Community Service/No jail.

"A few arraignments into my case Cynthia Ignatuk was appointed to me.  After looking over my case with her my chances of no jail time were slim to none.  The District Attorney’s Office didn’t want to give me another chance because of my priors.

I explained to Cynthia that I’ve been trying to get my future in line by holding down steady work to help support my brothers and sisters.  Throughout the different court dates I could see her determination which gave me hope and made me believe in her as she did me.  With all seriousness she took my word for what it was and she went above and beyond which helped me stay out of fail and keep my job.

After watching Cynthia work I can say she definitely has passion for helping those in need of it.  I feel blessed having her take my case." 



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